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Ophthalmic Ultrasonography with the Quantel Aviso Ultrasound Platform at ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER

Ultrasound Biomicroscoy (UBM)

Ultrasound can visualize features of tissue (e.g., fluid, solid mass) that are generally not available except through radiological or tomographic study. It can provide a view through cloudy media to obtain high resolution tissue detail for structures posterior to the opacity. Finally, structures in the images can be accurately measured.

UBM imaging of the anterior segment is indicated where direct visualization with slit lamp is not feasible. For example, structures behind the iris cannot be directly seen using routine examination techniques. Indications for UBM may include:

  • Anterior segment differentiation tumor / non-tumorous conditions
  • Adhesions and synechiae
  • Ciliary body disorders
  • Dislocated lens or IOL
  • Glaucoma classification
  • Iris abnormalities
  • Trauma to the globe
  • New disease entities
  • Ultrasound A- & B-scans

Biometric A-scan for measuring axial eye length.

Standardized A-scan is used for the detection and differentiation of abnormal intraocular tissues.

B-scan images provide highly accurate information regarding the location, shape, and extension of an intraocular lesion.

The combined use of contact B-scan and standardized A-scan, provides a reliable method to evaluate ocular lesions based on the topographic, quantitative and kinetic properties of the echo amplitudes and patterns.