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Pediatric Eye Care

Vision Problems = Life Problems

25% of all students suffer from undiagnosed vision problems.

  • Among juvenile offenders, it is estimated that 70% have undiagnosed vision problems.
  • Serious visual conditions exist in 98% of juvenile delinquents.
  • Vision disorders are the fourth most common disability in the US and the most common handicapping condition during childhood.
  • Early detection and intervention are particularly important in children because of the rapid development of the visual system in early childhood and its sensitivity to interference.
  • When disorders such as lazy eye and crossed-eye are undetected, the long term consequences can be serious in terms of quality of life, comfort, appearance and career opportunities.
  • The cost of providing appropriate treatment for longstanding eye and vision disorders may be significantly higher than the cost of detecting and treating these problems early in life.
  • Reliance on vision screenings by schools, pediatricians or other primary care physicians may result in the late detection of a vision disorder.
  • The shortcomings of vision screenings are well recognized; and therefore, children must receive a comprehensive eye health examination by a competent eye care provider beginning at age 6 months. Then at regular intervals as prescribed by the eye care professional.